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Ghana tilapia firm seeks general manager

Ghana tilapia-farming firm Volta Catch, owned by Tropo Farms, is looking for a general manager to take charge of the company, which employs 660 people.

Tropo Farms claims to control every stage of production, from eggs through nursery, transfer and final growing in the river and lake waters of the Volta.

“No chemicals, antibiotics or growth promoters are used in the production of Volta Catch tilapia. Expensive high quality feeds free of additives are carefully fed to our fish to provide the majority of their nutritional requirements whiles nature provides the rest. Our energy use is minimal as we do not use aeration for production,” the firm said on its website.

As the top position at the company, general manager has responsibility for all operations and 660 employees.

Volta is looking for a somebody with extensive experience in managing a fish farm, preferably with several hundred employees or more, and those with experience in other species to tilapia will be considered, the firm said.

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