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Importers and exporters battle destination inspection companies


SOURCE: Citi News

The Ghana Importers and Exporters Association have accused destination

inspection companies of pushing for the implementation of the Ghana

Conformity Assessment Programme (G-CAP) by the Ghana Standards Authority


According to the Importers and Exporters Association who have kicked

against the G – CAP, the destination inspection companies are using the

implementation of the G – CAP to keep them in business, since government,

according to them will not renew their contracts in 2015.

“As a business community we are humbly advising the government that there

is something wrong somewhere. The inspection companies as we are told are

the people who presented the proposal to the GSA but not the GSA coming up

with this programme.”

The Importers and Exporters Association told Citi Business News they believe

the inspection destination companies are behind the introduction of the

G-CAP, and contend the programme is a duplication of efforts by various

agencies at the country’s entry points to check the importation of sub-
standard goods.

According to them, its introduction will only increase the cost of doing business

and also add to the complexity of clearing goods at the ports.

G-CAP is a conformity assessment process used to verify that products

imported to Ghana meet the necessary standards as set by the GSA.

Spokesperson for the Ghana Importers and Exporters Association John Awuni

told Citi Business News that the G-CAP is duplication and it is illegal.

“For the Destination Inspection Companies they want to make money and

for us because the contract between the government and the destination

companies is expiring in 2015 and the government have indicated that they

are not going to renew the contract, they are just repackaging themselves

to remain relevant in the system. For me it is just a business model by

the destination inspection companies to make money from the business

community and from government.”

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