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‘I Deserve Death’ – ‘Resurrected’ Odumase Boy Confesses

By Joyce Bedeley:

It was at the beginning of last year when he gained national and international fame; the reason – he had ‘resurrected’ from the dead. Today, he’s weak, frail, and unable to walk and only has the last of his skeletal frame to cling on to. His skeletal ruins lay in a small ramshackle room in Manya, a suburb of Agomanya; weak, dying, abandoned, rejected and dejected – no more fame, no media attention, no more ‘tourists.’ Thankfully for him however, he still has a few faithful relations; two uncles to take care of him, the same people he denied in the heat of his deception.

That is the story of 25 year-old Emmanuel Osanyongmor, the young man from Manya. ‘I have sinned against God; I lied and I deserve to die,’ those were his words when Rite news interacted with him on his sick bed in his home at Manya in the Lower Manya Krobo municipal.

‘I died but I’m back after a year…I saw the Pope and Michael Jackson in hell,’ Emmanuel claimed soon after his ‘return from the dead.’

But today, word has gone viral that the nationally acclaimed resurrected boy was ‘eating’ back his words after a long protracted illness which ended him up from one hospital to the other as well as from one prayer camp to the other.



Today, close to two years after his supposed journey back from the dead, Emma tells Rite news that his claims of having resurrected were all lies. ‘My real name is never Kwadwo Peter; my name is Emmanuel Osanyongmor,’ Emmanuel told Rite FM. ‘Kwadwo Peter is the name of the dead man I impersonated,’ he added, pleading that he deserved to die because he has sinned against God and humanity.

According to him, he was an accomplished herbalist whose dreams always came to pass. Things however turned dramatic upon his visit to Akusu when many people he encountered compared his looks to one Kwadwo Peter who had died earlier on. He explained that the regular comparisons between him and the late man compelled him to lay claim to his identity.

What seemingly added to Emmanuel’s success to convince his many victims centered on his healing powers coupled with a prayer center he had established. “Many who visited me at my prayer center also spoke about my striking resemblance to the late Kwadwo Peter and finally I began to take advantage of this and claimed that I was him,’ he revealed. He told this reporter that he also took the time to listen to what others said about the late man in order to arm himself with the relevant information to make his claim.

Emma’s union with peter’s wife and family:


The self-confessed imposter went on to make even more hair-raising revelations. His next task was worming his way into the hearts of the late man’s wife, Gifty and his family which he achieved with such dexterity.  Hear him: ‘Initially, they didn’t believe me when I introduced myself as their dead son-in-law but I managed to convince them,’ he said, adding that in no time Peter’s wife and her family had bought into his story.

‘So you lived with the dead man’s wife as man and wife and did everything a couple does?’ this reporter asked curiously. ‘Yes,’ Emmanuel answered without hesitation.

His union with Gifty however ended when, according to him, her father dissolved their relationship. The grounds; he won’t allow his daughter to live with a ‘ghost’ any longer.



According to Emmanuel, his current predicament began not long after the dissolution of the union – that is close to a year ago. He narrates that he, after realizing that he had sinned against God and humanity, decided to end it all by taking his life. He first threw himself into a river with the hope of drowning. ‘And when that did not work out I drank acid which resulted in my vomiting blood,’ he added.

That according to him is what accounts for his present situation. Despite visiting several hospitals and prayer camps, Emmanuel is yet to receive his healing. Interestingly enough, he doesn’t want to die anymore but wants to be strong again so he can confess his sins.

His motive in all this venture; to make money. He trusted that his claim would result in a lot of money inflow from those who would be convinced and touched by his story. But that did not happen. His only gain out of all these, he laments, was a generator set given him by a well-wisher as well as stipends given them whenever they visited a radio station for an interview.

A Relative’s perspective:

Emma’s maternal uncle, Mr. Tettey Peter walked in in the middle of this interview. Though he was kind enough to grant Rite news this interview, he had very little sympathies for his ‘broken’ nephew. He’s however perhaps one of a handful of relatives who still recognizes Emma as a son.  According to him, Emmanuel’s mother is late and his father who is sojourned in Accra won’t have anything to do with a child who flatly denied them in the pursuit of his diabolical agenda.

Tettey Peter calls his nephew a celebrated wayward chap, a thief and a criminal. That explained why he never bothered to join others when they came calling out to him that his nephew was live on Pampaso on Adom TV, claiming to have died and resurrected after a year. ‘I flatly refused to go watch him because as far as I was concerned, Emma was never dead and buried let alone resurrect,’ he added.

‘The mark on his body which he claimed he sustained as a result of a mortuary man striking him with a stick is actually a wound he sustained after I personally organized some area boys to beat him to ‘cure’ him of his stubbornness,’ Emma’s uncle revealed.



Like peacefmonline put it in the heat of Emmanuel Osanyongor’s claims, fans of Michael Jackson might not have been thrilled to hear that the King of Pop might be in Hell and apparently keeping company with Pope John Paul II. This was the claim of the 25-year-old who claimed he died — not once, but twice — and was resurrected both times.

In fact, he claimed that he spent a month in hell where he saw things other people cannot see, including, of course, Michael Jackson and the Pope.

According to the then Peter Kwadwo, he collapsed playing football with friends and was rushed to the local Begoro Hospital for treatment. However, a doctor pronounced him dead on arrival and his body to a morgue, to be stored ready for burial.

‘Then suddenly I began to breathe again and asked the morgue attendant to bring me water,’ he asserted. ‘But apparently the morgue attendant was so terrified by the incident that he struck me with a stick, killing me for a second time.’

According to him, when he asked for the water, the mortician told him that he should go back to sleep because all of his friends were sleeping. ‘Then he used a stick on me and the mark is still imprinted on my body as proof of that incident.’

Source: ritefmonline.org

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