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Hon. Jeff Tetteh Kavianu Assures Upper Manya Krobo District Farmers

Story by: Elizabeth Frimpong:

The MP for the Upper Manya Krobo District Assembly in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Hon. Jeff Tetteh Kavianu on Tuesday June 14, 2016 assured the farmers and residents of Asesewa and its environs to attend to their grievances, noted in a documentary which was played by the Rite 90.1 FM’s MAASI project. This statement was issued in an interview with Rite 90.1 FM’s morning ride program, ‘Feed the Future Platform’.

The documentary indicated that all the farming communities have poor road networks and as a result of that, the charges of the fares are very high and in rainy seasons, those farmers have to spend the night on the way and continue with the journey when the ground becomes dry. The market women also lamented on the appalling state of their market stating that, they don’t have sheds to sit under it so things turn worse when it rains.

According to them, most of the communities don’t have good drinking water and the communities that have access to the water have only one borehole so there is pressure on it. They also pleaded with the authorities to supply them with electricity as well. The residents bitterly complained that their market has gone down due to the bad roads leading to the market places.

Noted with concern, Hon. Kavianu guaranteed them that; they are on course of constructing their roads for them. He said, by the end of August electricity will be extended to about 124 communities and water to 15 communities whereby the rest will be considered later. In assurance he stated that, the Government has already awarded the contracts to contractors and have started with the first phase within 50 communities in the District and hoping to complete the rest by the end of August.

Source: ritefmonline

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