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Holistic Approach Needed to Handle Fulani Mence – Omar Amudu

The president of the Fulani Youth Association of Ghana, Mr. Omar Amudu, has stated the authorities must adopt a holistic approach to curb the Fulani menace in the country since the situation is becoming alarming.

Mr. Amadu while speaking on Rite FM’s Agric Forum underscored the grave nature of the issue, insisting that it is a national issue against which their association is taking drastic measures to meet both the farmers and the nomadic herdsmen.

“The situation is a serious one and a national menace and our association is taking very serious measures to meet both the farmers and the nomadic herdsmen,” Mr. Amadu asserted. “The approach is gradual and systematic and a day can’t be used to solve this problem nationally.”

He was convinced the situation was about both sides of the tussle fighting over one common need.

“The issue at hand is about the Fulani herdsmen and farmers all struggling over one thing, which is land to carry out their activities for their livelihood and will do anything to acquire and keep that land. It is therefore time for stakeholders of the agriculture industry and the sector  players to put their hands on deck to find lasting solutions to the problem at hand else this Fulani menace will always reoccur,” he noted.

Mr. Amadu decried the practice of always blaming one group for any disturbances adding that no solution would be found for the menace if we continue to tow this line.

“If we continue to blame one group anytime these clashes will reoccur, then sadly, we are not going to find solutions to that and both the farmers and the Fulani must be consulted,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ahmed Barry, organizer of the association also stated that though a lot of issues about nomadic herdsmen but not all Fulani’s are bad.

He added that other Fulani’s also come from neighboring  countries  such as Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin among other countries and they are all looking for a pasture to graze their animals which sometimes they find difficulty to go by lay down procedures to enhance peace in the country.

. Nine persons were reported dead at Dwerebeafe, Aboyan and Mpeamu in the Kwahu East District, following a recent clashes between Fulani herdsmen and some Kwahu farmers.

A farmer and a 12-year-old boy, were hospitalized on admission at the Kwahu Government Hospital with gunshot wounds.

Source: Austin Ofori Addo/ritefmonline.org



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