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Government should put in place measures to attract investors in the agriculture sector

The programs officers of the peasant farmers association of Ghana, Mr. Charles Nyaaba has said that, government needs to absolve the risk component to make it more conducive for investors to invest in the agriculture sector.

According to him agriculture still relies so much on rain and irrigation is 2% in this country and also, rain can fail at any time, so  government needs to partner investors to improve the irrigation system we have now.

He said, the road infrastructure linking farming communities to the market sector are very bad and also there are no storage facilities in place that, after harvesting farmers will be able to store their product so that they can sell it at a good market.

Speaking on  Rite FM’s “Agric Forum” show over the weekend on Rite FM, Mr. Charles explained that, currently “we  have 30% post-harvest loses on maize alone and products like tomatoes and water melon are suffering the same post-harvest loses” adding that no investor will like to invest in this sector, if these challenges are still there.

Mr. Nyaaba revealed that, countries like Europe and USA, farmers are given insurance so that if there is fire outbreak, the rain fall pattern is not conducive for harvesting due to unforeseen challenges that makes the farmer not able to recover his cost of production and pay back the loan, the insurance will cover that, but in Ghana it is not happening.

Source: Rite FM News Department



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