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Ghanaian Farmers Urged to engage in mechanized Systems of Farming

Mr Kwame Amoakohene who is the CEO for CTA Engineering Limited has revealed during his speech at the 2nd Edition of RAF 2017 held at the Ensign College Of Public Health that, farmers must engage in agriculture mechanization to boost their production.

According to him, farmers must consider what they will like to cultivate before considering the appropriate machines for their farming.

Mr Amoakohene added that, mechanization is a good tool for developing the agric sector and therefore selection of machine is very vital. He urged the farmers to understand what they really want to do and consider the site for cultivation, taking into Consideration time.

He concluded with advice for farmers to adopt mechanization to ease their work and improve their farming with a little labour.

Mr. Emmanuel Asiedu, CEO of Gratis Foundation in same regard asked Ghanaians to set up local processing factories to halt the post-harvest losses.

According to him, this step when taken will create more employment for the populace and also advance our local Technology

“Farming  is one of the most important activities  and needs more attention but many think Ghanaians are really lacking behind in terms of technology but it is not So.”

He said Ghana is closing that gap and the country can stand on its own when a lot of attention is given to our local industry.

He also commented that the one district one factory initiative is a laudable idea and will have a good impact on the life of farmers and ordinarily Ghanaians. He said farmers can unite to set up these processing factories.In conclusion, he said GRATIS FOUNDATION produces a lot of machines that meet the demand of farmers, this includes  processing machines for Cassava, Gari, palm oil and maize and many other machines for processing right from the farm.

He also mentioned that to boost poultry produce in Ghana, The GRATIS Foundation also have machines for feed processing called Hammer Mill, machines for washing fruits and  processing afterwards and farmers must take advantage of them.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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