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Food Safety and Nutrition: Adhere To Food Safety Precautions

By Prince Paul Amuzu:

The Lower Manya Krobo Municipal Veterinary Officer, Mr. Isaac Numutey has challenged the government to enforce the rules and regulations that govern the abattoir or slaughter houses as most of them do not adhere to anti- mortem and post-mortem protocols.

Speaking on the Food, Safety and Hygiene segment of the Ride Morning Ride hosted by Nana Ama, Mr. Isaac Numutey highlighted the worrying trend that most abattoirs or slaughter houses do not adhere to strict anti- mortem and post-mortem screening of animals before and after killing them which is against the law.

He explained that anti-mortem is the physical screening of the appearance of animals by veterinary officers before they are slaughtered while post mortem examination refers which is done after the slaughtering of the animal is very essential to ensure that they are devoid of any contamination which may not be human friendly.

The Veterinary Officer has therefore urged the appropriate authorities to carry out consistent checks on slaughter houses to ensure food safety and the avoidance of contamination.

Contributing to the show, Madam Jane Barnes, a Nutritionist at the Atua Government Hospital in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal also advised the general on the healthy preparation of chicken preparation.

She advised consumers to consume more of fresh chicken instead of buying from cold stores. This according to her is due to the fact that most cold store operators do not keep their refrigerators at the recommended temperature while most of them also due to the high cost of electricity bills switch of their refrigerators during the night which adversely affect the quality and taste of the and quality.

Madam Barnes also cautioned the public against washing of chicken with lemon. Her call arises out of the fact that lemon is very acidic and too much of it is unhealthy for the human body.

‘The best form of preparing chicken for food is by baking, grilling or smoking with vegetable spices as the process helps reduce the fat on the skin.

Source: ritefmonline.org



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