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Fish processors cry for support

SOURCE: Ghana Web

Prudent Star Association, a fish processing association based at the Upper Manya Krobo District has appealed to Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MOFAD) to support them with refrigerators and modern fish smoking ovens.

This is to enable them store large quantity of fish that they could not process immediately and also smoke more fish for supply to their ever increasing customers at the market.

The members of the association are spread along the various communities in the district along the Volta Lake.

Speaking to Ghana News Agency Media Auditing and Tracking of Development Project team sponsored by STAR-Ghana, a multi-donor pooled organisation, during the farmer’s day celebration at Konkoney, Mr David Dahama, Founder of the association said, the major challenge of the association is access to funding.

Mr Dahama noted that, sometimes when the fishermen go deep into the lake, because they do not have strong outboard motors, they are slow in landing and sometimes by the time they get to the shore, the fishes start going bad and bigger processors are required to process their catch.

He appealed to the MOFAD to support the fishermen with outboard motors, nets and ropes on a subsidise rate to fasten the activities of the fishermen on the lake to avoid the fishes getting rotten.

Mr Dahama said, the association had been training its members on the best practices in fish preservation, hygienic treatment of fish, marketing and inventory and business management.

He said, the members of the association are located at Akateng, Akruse Saisi, Akotoe, Akokoma, Bartor Kokpe, Manya and Ahweatutu all in the Upper Manya Krobo District along the Volta Lake.

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