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Farming Is a Gift from God – GNAFF Chairman

The Eastern Regional chairman of the Ghana National Association of Farmers and fishermen, GNAFF, Nana Apedwahene Anim has described farming as a gift from God. According to Nana Apedwahene who spoke to Rite news’ Austin Ofori Addo in an interview, farming being a gift from God demands therefroe demands accountability and truthfulness from its practitioners onto themselves and the business.

The GNAFF chairman who condemned the ‘cheating’ habit of some farm owners against farm hands said farmers must remunerate their labourers appropriately in order to elicit the best from them.

“Some farm owners do not treat their laborers well and cheat them when paying their salaries,” he bemoaned. “Some farmlands are very large which will therefore require more hands to do the job, moreover, some farm owners maltreat their laborers including the use of abusive words and outright failure to pay them.”

Nana Apedwahene who registered his displeasure against such practices, urged farmers to properly remunerate their workers and offer them the necessary support including the payment of incentives to motivate them to put out their best, adding that a farmer who cheats his labors does not yield good crops.

He attributed the lack of motivation ­and drive for agriculture to the total lack of interest in the activity.

“Most youth do not want to venture into agric because they do not have the passion for farming and because they see farming as a non- profit making business,” Nana Apedwahene posited.

The chief also was of the view that concerned agripreneurs, agric stakeholders as well as the farmers should educate the youth and get closer to them in a bid to enlighten them on what farming entails, adding that petty traders and the several unemployed youth must take up farming as a source of employment and ask questions on the necessary skills and knowledge required in the farming business.

He also urged them to properly develop their farming sites to be able to stand all weather conditions including both dry and rainy seasons to ensure that the farms are not affected during these seasons.

While pushing for adequate financial support to enable the youth venture into agribusiness, he on the other hand called for the supply of farm inputs, machineries, farm tools on the fields and also supervise whatever they do.

“Lack of financial support does not encourage the youth to venture into agric but if the government and the financial institutions come together to support, the youth will do a great job to support the agriculture business,” he said.

Nana Apedwahene pushed for the embracement of the planting for food and jobs policy which is designed to provide them with various farming opportunities.

Source: Nana Ama Sarfo/ritefmonline.org/amasarfo297@gmail.com

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