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Farmers should pay their own Social Security – Farmer Nelson

A former Agric officer and Agro-Chemical Dealer, Farmer Nelson has asked farmers to pay their own social security without waiting for government to take the initiative because it’s their own responsibility.

Mr. Nelson Asiedu also known as farmer Nelson made the comments on Rite FM’s “Morning Ride” program on Wednesday.

He was contributing to the question “who’s responsibility is it to seek the welfare of the farmer and pay social security for the farmer?”

Farmer Nelson noted that farmers can’t wait for the government to take the initiative because, it’s a long term plan and some farmers may be dead by then so as a farmer who cares about his or her welfare should pay social security. He again noted that some farmers do not even know they can pay social security without working in the public sector. Some farmers think it’s only learned folks who can open a bank account.

Even those who work in the public sector have instituted their own welfare that helps them in unforeseen contingencies such as the death of a member or the occurrence of an accident involving a member, he added.

Farmer Nelson urged farmers to go to Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and find out about what they have to do in order to be able to pay their social security.

Farmers should start paying their social social security now, he advocated

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