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Explore the Values of Coconut

By Joyce Bedeley:

Chief Executive Officer of Green Coast and Consult Limited, Mr. Kwaku Boateng has extolled the values of coconut, placing its value next and second only to cocoa. According to the astute coconut farmer, coconut is next only to cocoa in terms of value in the Ghanaian market. His assertion arises out of the fact that every part of the coconut tree has special uses even though Ghanaians unfortunately do not tap into the various uses of the tree except for its fruits.

Mr. Boateng who appeared as guest on Rite FM’s Morning Ride on Wednesday explained to programme host, Krobea Asante that aside the fruits of the coconut tree, several uses of the tree abound. He went ahead to enumerate the other uses of the tree.

‘Ghana‘s second agricultural product aside cocoa is the tree of life which is the coconut. Aside its water which many enjoy drinking, virgin oil is also extracted from the coconut tree. In other countries, diesel is also extracted from the coconut tree while electricity is also generated from the coconut oil. Even the husk is also essential to aid in growing other crops like cocoa and others and the value chain of the fruit is just great,’ Mr. Boateng explained.

According to him, government and farmers have the tendency to create wealth through the cultivation of coconut and thereby reduce the unemployment rate in the country if only resources would be allocated to individuals to begin cultivation.

‘Nothing stands in the way of coconut since there are several uses of the crop. Its leaves to roots have magnificent values such as soil components for green house agriculture, soap, activated carbons, oils coco pith for making twines, shell for production of earrings, candles, hand bags and many others,’ he emphasized.

Mr. Boateng also noted that their outfit seeks to train and empower farmers from across the country to improve tonnage supplied to the international communities.

He also stressed on the need to consider coconut farming seriously and urged every home to consider planting just a coconut tree in their yard because ‘coconut is the tree of life.’

According to him, Aggrand 433 fertilizer is very useful in coconut farming as it improves its yield produces quality coconut fruit and water. He has therefore advised farmers in the business to use this composition of sea weed and fish for profit and results.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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