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Exclusive Breastfeeding Prevents Breast Cancer, Ceases Menstruation – Nutritionists

Nutritionists at the St. Matins De Porres Hospital, Madams Belinda Agyeiwaa  and Joyce Appiah, told the host of Food Safety, Nutrition and Hygiene on Rite FM that an exclusive breastfeeding is the best process every mother should adopt when breastfeeding babies under six month.

Madam Belinda defined exclusive breastfeeding as the period of breastfeeding the child within six month afterbirth without any food and water, except for medicines prescribed by a doctor or a nurse.  She educated that the breast milk provides all the food and water that the child will need during the first six months of life.

“Feeding the child with both breast milk and other foods or liquid before six months is “mixed feeding” and can reduce the amount of milk produce, which may likely lead the mother into sickness,” she added

She elaborated that, practicing exclusive breastfeeding is a means of family planning for the mother, because when the mother breastfeed the child often, the hormones  in the mother gives energy to the child feeding for it to delay the mother from menstrual period and also prevents breast and ovary cancer.

“If the mother breastfeed the child within six months without practicing mixed feeding it delays, the mother from menstrual period and develops the hormones of the mother for energy,” she emphasized.

The Agormanya St. Martins De Porres Hospital Registered Nurse and Midwifery staffers added more, pointing out that practicing exclusive breastfeeding helps the mother from health complications like over bleeding.

“We know sometimes immediately after birth the mother over bleeds and later die  through it. But with breastfeeding the child for the first one hour limits and end over bleeding.”

Source: Richmond Nyarko/ritefmonline.org

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