Our programmes are built to educate, inform and entertain our targeted audience at all times. We do programmes on Social (Events), Agricultural, Developmental issues, sports & entertainment to serve our cherished listeners in our catchment areas.


  • Independence Day Bash (March 6): – With this a selected district is selected using our social media platforms (SIIMA, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). This programme takes the form of a street jam where local and invited artistes are given the opportunity to show their talent.
  • May Day Fun Games (May 1): – This programme is organised to unite all corporate institutions within our catchment giving them the platform to publicly make known to our listeners what they do, thereby generating new business opportunities and also improving their already existing clients. This event also provides entertainment for individuals who participate. Our chosen venue, VRA Club House has a swimming pool facility which serves as an attraction.
  • Rite 90.1 FM Pool Party: – This is a purely entertainment event organised for our listeners with invited artistes performing on that day. It also provides the opportunity for other corporate institutions in the telecommunication industry, banking & finance, beverage, and transportation to interact and promote their products and services. We always have a good attendance for this event (an average of 3,000 attending the previous one).
  • Kluyosikplimi Football Gala: – This event as its name suggests is associated with the main festival of the natives of Yilo Krobo. This Gala handled by the Sports Department is a week-long usually with an average of thirty (30) organised teams participating with the climax always on Sunday, the last day for the festival celebrations.
  • District and National Farmers’ Day Celebrations: – With our well in our minds, we have actively participated in all farmers’ day celebrations and this we have won a number of awards. We always transmit live the national celebrations and pick reports from the various district capitals throughout the country.
  • Rite 90.1 FM Farmers’ Day Challenge Cup: – this is another football competition which is organised for the youth in the farming communities as a way of motivating them to take up farming as a profession and a way of life.



  • Community Football League

The ‘Rite FM Community Sanitation Football League’ is well-structured program with the solely aim of informing, educating and entertaining our targeted audience at all times. It is also our objective to use football to bring the youth of the different communities together and thus uniting the Krobos. The others include :-

  • Creating the platform to unearth hidden football talents in the community, as it is abound of a lot of talents.
  • Motivation and inspiration to the youth through involvement of the Municipal Assembly, Assembly members and the various political and opinion heads in the community.
  • To sensitize the people in our community on the importance and the need to keep our environment clean to leave a healthy life.
  • Prevent the youth from indulging themselves in social vices such as drugs, robbery, etc.
  •  Educate the community about health issues as failing to keep our environment clean poses a major threat to our daily life.
  • Creating the platform for employment for some of the youth by means of selling items such as sachet water, food, various products etc.

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