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Eurobond debate: Bawumia being ‘delusional’ – Ametor Quarmyne

A communication team member of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Eric Ametor Quarmyne has described as mischievous claims by New Patriotic Party (NPP) vice presidential candidate that proceeds from the Eurobond sale was used to pay debts incurred by the Bank of Ghana.

According to him, in his bid to fulfill his dream as vice president of Ghana, Dr. Bawumia is bent on denigrating the Mahama-led administration just to give the NPP an advantage in the 2016 general election.

The former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana has incurred the wrath of many after he challenged government to give a vivid account of how the $1 billion proceeds realized from the sale of the Eurobond was expended.

Addressing an audience in United Kingdom, Dr. Bawumia, alleged that the money had been wasted in shoring up the cedi that has fallen against the major trading currencies – an allegation the Finance Ministry has vehemently denied .

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Monday, Ametor Quarmyne said the NPP’s ‘economic wizkid’ is exhibiting symptoms of “megalomania” [a mental illness where the person believe they are very important and superior or has the tendency to do very extravagant things].

He noted that Dr. Bawumia is behaving as if he is the only authority on economic issues in the country.

Ametor Quaryme explained that the $250 million of the Eurobond will be used for capital expenditure, $250 for the Ghana Infrastructural Fund, $ 300 million for counterpart funding and $ 200 million for maturing short time debt.

He described as unfortunate when someone of Dr. Bawumia’s stature decides to rundown government just to please his pay masters.

In a rebuttal, Director of Communication of NPP, Nana Akomea charged Ametor to attack the message not the messenger.

He maintained that in spite of the denial by government, it has not been able to provide answerS to the begging questions.

“Whether Dr. Bawumia is suffering from megalomania or not it will not solve the bread and butter issues confronting Ghanaians”.

He said Dr. Bawumia is undoubtedly an economic prophet because all his prediction about the depreciation of the cedi, IMF bailout cedi and others which government ignored has come to pass.

Nana Akomea said if the Mahama-led administration was smart, it will would rather porch Dr. Bawumia to salvage the economy from total collapse.

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