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Dubai millionaire paid Guru $50,000 for private performance

Guru left Ghana for Dubai days ago after a Dubai millionaire booked him for a private performance.

Report by 233times.com says that Guru’s manager, Ray Moni has confirmed that his artiste was paid $50,000 for the July 26 performance in Dubai.

According to the report, Guru’s manager said the millionaire who has been following Guru’s works on the internet was swayed by Guru’s ‘Pooley ‘song and that made him fly the Artiste and his team to the UAE to perform the song for him.

“Though he (Dubai Millionaire) cannot mention the words so well, he can sing Pooley from the beginning to the end. You will enjoy listening to him sing the song; though his accent is funny, he tries so hard to impress”

Source: 233times.com

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