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Design Thinking, a Holistic Approach to Problem Solving – Dr. Gordon Adomdza

Story by: Krobea Asante Tofepa

The Co-founder of Design Thinking Ghana Meet Up Group has said that, many people today are waking up to the idea of learning from designers such as architects and graphic designers who are normally meticulous in considering all factors and stakeholders in solving problems.

He was speaking to Krobea Asante earlier today on the morning ride, when he disclosed that, the many challenges confronting the nation could be solved from a perspective of the design thinking approach.

According to him, the Design Thinking Ghana Meet Up Group is made up of professionals from all over the world and is poised to use the concept to solve problems globally.

He also revealed that, the Design Thinking Ghana Meet Up Group and about 15 experts from different disciplines across the world have slated 19th of May, 2017 for the Design Thinking  Ghana Conference (DTGC) at the CEIBS Africa Campus, on 5 Monrovia Rd, East Legon, Accra (on the road behind the Diagnostic Center) bit.ly/DTGC2017

Dr. Adomdza also disclosed that, Arne Van Oosterom, founder of the Design Thinkers Group of Netherlands, will give the keynote speech at the one day event on the theme, “applying design thinking to today’s challenges”

In a development, Dr. Adomdza said that, how people come out with designs, concepts and apply it in business must be clearly understood so that solutions to particular threats become holistic.

He added that, even though many give different definitions to design thinking, his outfit resorts to breaking problems into bits, understanding the various aspects deeply, and consulting with all available stakeholders – this according to him often allows a unique concept or solution to be formulated.

Dr. Adomdza described the agriculture value chain as spanning seed to the dining table and related that the value chain encompassed many different activities, hence its appropriate to apply the design thinking approach to make better sense of it for desired results.

Identifying all stakeholders, from seed companies, fertilizer companies, trucking companies, regulators etc is important from the design thinking perspective to accurately direct farmers and entrepreneurs to arrive at holistic solutions to problems in the value chain, he added.

He further revealed that the DTGC has the dual-focused objective to unearth local Design Thinking applications and to expose the practice to a wider audience.

“Participants will learn from individuals and representatives of organizations that employ the Design Thinking process in their projects” Dr. Adomdza explained.

He also said that, Participants will gain an understanding of the Design Thinking process, the tools involved and their use, and finally will be inspired to adopt the Design Thinking process more broadly in their work.

The Founder however encouraged all Ghanaians to participate in the event, since it had the potential of creating new concepts and program ideas for many entrepreneurs and farmers.

Source: www.ritefmonline.org

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