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Court case against Agric Ministry over GM foods set for Today

The case involving a civil society group, Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG) and the Ministry of Food and AFSG is seeking an injunction from the court to prevent the national biosafety committee, established under the Biosafety Act from commercializing the sale of Genetically Modified (GM) foods in the country.

They claim the Ministry does not have the authority to commercialize such products.
The group in a statement said, “Our case is very simple. According to Section 13 of the Biosafety Act, 2011, Act 831…only the National Biosafety Authority has such a power to authorize the commercial release of GM foods in Ghana.”

The case which was first heard on the February 17 was adjourned to the March 3, to enable the defendants put in their statement of case.

War against GM foods in Ghana

Various stakeholders have been waging a national war against attempts by government to approve the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

They believe GMOs will undermine and damage the traditional farming practices and serve as unnecessary threat to public health, water resources, air and the natural environment.

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