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Close Down Somanya Abattoir: Krobea Asante

Host of Rite FM Morning Show, Krobea Asante Tofepa Ntomentwene has expressed his indignation at authorities of the Environmental Health Services and the Environmental Protection Agency for their negligence and dereliction of duty which according to him continue to encourage the sale of unwholesome meat to the consuming public.

According to the ace broadcaster, it’s unthinkable that unwholesome meat is continuously fed residents of Somanya in the Yilo Krobo municipality in Eastern region while the authorities tasked with the responsibility of ensuring their safety have woefully failed to protect them.

Mr. Asante expressed these sentiments following a visit to the only Abattoir in the municipality. The presenter who undertook the tour with Rite news reporter, Prince Paul Amuzu suggested that the abattoir be closed down immediately in spite of revelations of horrid and unhealthy sanitary conditions during their visit, until sanitary inspectors did what it takes to protect consumers.

“We are, excuse my language not deserving to live with open eyes if we cannot save the blind from eating from such a stinking, unholy place where our cattle, sheep, goats and other animals are slaughtered before finding their way onto the markets,” he argued.

The Somanya abattoir located near the New Life Clinic according to residents was constructed more than 40 years ago.

Mr. Sankara, a 51 year old mango and pig farmer noted that the abattoir did not only serve residents of Somanya but also surrounding towns such as Akosombo, Akuse, Kpong, Akropong and Akroppng.

The newsmen gathered that animals slaughtered here were left on the bare grounds and are only transported when buyers come for them. Another observation made was to the extent that vehicle tyres were used in burning the fur of the slaughtered animals while animal droppings messed up the abattoir, exposing the meat to possible infections while house-flies also had a field’s day.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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