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Child Streetism in Kroboland: Parents to Blame – Opinion Leader Avers

Parents cannot be absorbed of all blame as waywardness plays into their children, an opinion leader at Sra near Somanya in the Yilo Krobo Municipality has opined.

Madam Stella Ankrah says the Lack of parental care is contributing to the increase in street children in Kroboland.

According to her, parents should be wholly blamed for instances of children of school going ages pushing trucks in markets for their daily breads instead of being in the classroom.

Ghana has for many years grappled with the issue of street children. Thousands children are on the streets of Accra struggling to make ends meet. This is in fragrant violation of the children’s act which states that under no circumstance should a person below the age of fifteen be allowed to work or fend for him or herself.

Irresponsible parenting, lack of parental care and control, single parenting, teenage pregnancy, giving birth to a bastard without a father, etc. madam Ankrah opined, are the main contributory factors leading to the prevalence of street children, a situation which blame must be borne by parents.

She spoke in an interview with Captain Adabugar on the Rite Morning Ride on Wednesday as guest to discuss the topic, ‘students in rural areas and the impact of market days.’

Sometimes, due to financial constraints, some parents leave their children with relatives and other members of society to be taken care of whilst they seek greener pastures elsewhere, she averred.

She regretted that such caretakers end up exploiting the children for various economic activities for their personal interests while denying them of their educational rights.

“Parents should therefore be wholly blamed for children of school going ages pushing trucks in markets instead of attending school,” she stressed.

The increasing phenomenon of streetism is not only worrying but also demeaning, and a dent on our national image. This is a demonstration of the failure of our social infrastructure.

Source; Prince Paul Amuzu/www.ritefmonline.org/princeamuzu667@gmail.com

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