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CEO Of De Jordans Agro & Investments Regrets Lack of Loan Accessibility to Farmers

As challenges of loan assessment continue to haunt local farmers in Ghana, industry players continue to put across viable suggestions to as to how to salvage the situation and bring relief to the players of the sector tasked with feeding the populace, the farmers.

It’s in this vein that Chief Executive Officer of De Jordans Agro & Investments, exporters of processed cassava and cashew is calling on the government through the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to put in place measures to enable farmers secure loans.

Mr. Jordan S. Owusu believes that government must put in place mechanisms to ensure that farmers have access to flexible interest rates from banks to reduce the rate at which farmers run to market queens for money to carry out their farming activities.

Speaking on Rite FM’s Agric Forum with Austin Ofori Addo, the CEO eulogized the essential roles played by farmers in feeding the populace.

“The farmers are very important to the country where apart from producing food to feed the country, they also play a vital role to keep the economy in shape to carry out numerous developmental projects across the country as well as employing more than half of the Ghanaian population and hence the poor performance of the sector,” he said.

Mr. Owusu however regretted the lack of vital policies required to influence and drive the farming activities in the country.

“The agric sector lacks a lot of vital policies that seek the welfare of the farmers which compels the farmers to chase the market queens for money to support their farming activities,” the Chief Executive Officer lamented. “This situation encourages the market queens to dictate the market prices for the farmers or buy from affected farmers at regrettably low prices.”

He blamed successive governments for their failure to promote the welfare of the country’s farmers, a situation which continues to gag the farmers and deny them of their basic benefits and earnings.

“Successive governments have failed the farmers where farmers do not have a say in the work they toil to do and they are the least beneficiaries of what they do,” the CEO bemoaned.

By Austin Ofori Addo/ritefmonline.org/austinofori.addo@gmail.com

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