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Avoid Eating Ayilor during Pregnancy – Nutritionist

Nutritionist at the Atua Government Hospital, Madam Jane Barnes –has cautioned pregnant women against the eating of certain “dangerous” chemicals during pregnancy.

According to her, the eating of chemicals such as ‘Kaolin, Shileey or Ayilor’ by pregnant women or sitting beside a toilet to inhale the scent are characteristics of pregnant women driven by hormonal changes, describing such changes as “normal.”

She added that these habits were however unnecessary since hormonal changes experienced by women when they take seed was not unusual, urging however that they resist the urge to indulge in these habits.

Madam Jane Barnes gave the advice when she appeared as guest on Rite FM’s Food Safety, Nutrition and Hygiene show with Nana Ama Sarfo.

While discouraging against the eating of these chemicals, the nutritionist said foods eaten by pregnant women help in the healthy development of mothers and the baby to grow very well.

“During pregnancy, women lose a lot of strength and energy and due to this pregnant women must eat nutritious foods in order to regain the energy lost. ‘Kaolin’ or ‘Shileey’ contain micro- organisms which cannot be seen with our naked eyes,” she cautioned.

She added that the heat used in processing the ‘shileey’ is not strong enough to kill all the bacteria and so eating these chemicals “is very bad” adding that good nutrition is essential for pregnant women to fight against diseases.

Madam Jane also said some effects of poor nutrition on babies include “thin hair, malnourishment, wrinkled skin, discolored eyes etc.

Madam Jane Barns –Nutritionist at the Atua Government Hospital has in an interview with Nana Ama Sarfo on Food Safety Nutrition and Hygiene, advised  mothers to consider a good nutrition before they get pregnant or during pregnancy.

According to her, good nutrition during pregnancy is very vital since it helps both the pregnant woman and the unborn baby.

“Nutrition is very important since it helps both the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. Pregnant women should therefore consider taking foods taken into the system to be enriched with all nutrients to protect the foetus and must not just take in any kind of food,” she counselled.

She therefore urged husbands or fathers to encourage their wives to eat nutritious foods to help the mother and baby grow healthily.

Source: Nana Ama Sarfo /ritefmonline.org/amasarfo297@gmail.com

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