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Audio: Akuafo Se Sen: Agomeda Vegetable Farmers at Their Wits End

By Joyce Bedeley:

Vegetable farmers at Agomeda in the Shai Osudoku district of the Greater Accra Region are at their wits end, a situation which threatens their very livelihood as far as crop production is concerned. The farmers who are contending with poor rainfall patterns as well as the invasion of their farmlands and pest attacks on their crops expressed their frustrations to Rite FM.

One of them, Mr. Klinsford Dela Agbeko, a vegetable farmer has in an interview on the Akuafo Se sen segment of the Rite Morning Ride with Krobea Asante lamented about their challenges encountered as vegetable farmers in Agomeda and its environs. Mr. Agbeko who said he and his colleagues faced a lot of challenges in plying their job noted that the problem of climate change as in low rainfalls continues to haunt vegetable farmers. But this isn’t all of their concerns. According to the farmer, pest control is also becoming expensive while Fulani herdsmen are also having a field’s day on their farms.

‘As farmers, we need money to invest into the farms due to the fact that we bear all the cost ourselves,’ Mr. Agbeko complained, adding that the interests on bank loans were becoming unbearable. Mr. Agbeko who also says the costs of chemicals for various purposes are very expensive said the situation has become a headache for him and his colleagues.

Meanwhile, the farmers are pleading with the government to resource the agric extension officers to be able to reach the farmers and their farms and also give them the mandates to be able to prosecute those who destroy farmlands such as Fulani herdsmen. Mr. Agbeko also called on government to make available agric funds that are payable in order to attract more people into the farming sector.

‘This area is a farming community and so the agric ministry should take a second look at the area including accessibility to farmlands since most farmlands have been taken over by herdsmen,’ Mr. Agbeko urged and called on the government to invest more resources into the sector since that would serve as the motivation for farmers to produce abundantly resulting in cheaper food prices.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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