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Asor Meets Peru Ambassador

Story by: Asante Asomaning Enock

A former National Democratic Congress, NDC Parliamentary aspirant for Abetifi Constituency in the Eastern region, Madam Georgina Opoku who in the political space is known as ” Asor” on Thursday 2nd June 2016 paid a surprise courtesy visit to Head of Nations, in charge of affairs in his office at the Peruvian Embassy.

The visit was intended to laud and crown the Head of Nations, Dr. Eliot Gaviria for his support to her and Ghanaians in Peru.

She had recently visited Peru for a research in existing agricultural, tourism and trading opportunities that can generate foreign exchange to both countries.

She was accompanied by the Director of Civil Services of Ghana, Mrs. Mariam Yayah, and the famous “Yesuanaa”, twin brothers who are business men.

The team in appraisal of Mr. Eliot’s immense assistance to the former Parliamentary Aspirant during her recent visit to Peru, crowned the Head of Nations, Chief for development by dressing him in a beautiful traditional Kente cloth and a pair of sandals to symbolize his elevation.

Madam Georgina Opoku, in an address revealed that, both Ghana and Peru have the potential of making foreign exchange through Agricultural import and export, as well as the promotion of Tourism between the two countries, hence the need for a developmental plan to unearth this international agenda.

She has therefore appealed to the Head of State to lease with its government, to establish an Embassy of Ghana in Peru.

Dr. Eliot who since October 2014 established the Peruvian Embassy in Ghana, welcomed the delegation, and expressed his acceptance of his honorary elevation and recognition.

In his address, the Ambassador opined that working in Ghana was nice as the political atmosphere was peaceful and gives room for learning. “I am learning in Africa and especially Ghana” he retorted but however cautioned Ghanaians and immigrants in the country to maintain peace before, during and after November 7 polls.

“Both the political and economic situations in Ghana are very interesting, and we have been able to improve successfully, since the Embassy was started with no furniture, telephones and internet but after 3 months, we are working with everything we need’. Dr. Eliot remarked.

Touching on existing Agricultural, Tourism and Trade opportunities in Peru, Dr. Eliot disclosed that his country has in the last 20 years widened its Agro export base, and was amongst the world’s largest exporter of food.

“Peru exports a variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals, cow, chicken and pork meat as well as milk and we are exploring the possibility of one of the biggest Agro export companies would invest in Ghana to cover the West African market, and also to Europe since it is closer to export from Ghana to Europe than from Peru. This will facilitate and enhance the bilateral relationship of Ghana and Peru marginally.

In another development, Dr. Eliot reiterated that it was unfortunate that, there is not an Embassy of Ghana in Peru, however talks has already been initiated with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hannah Bissiw Tetteh and two Candidates, one a lawyer and another a Business man had already shown interest, progress is being made and we hope to complete in about two months”.

He has therefore charged Ghanaians who show interest and want to travel to Peru to explore, to visit the Embassy for information, since it was ready to update people about the economic and political situations of the country before travelling, adding that places could be recommended for specific explorations.

Madam Georgina Opoku therefore thanked the Head of Nations for doors opened to them, and promised solidly that Ghana will continue to make ties with Peru especially in the Agricultural, Tourism and Trade sector.

Source: ritefmonline.org

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