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Anum Chief Leases 500 Acres of Land for PFJ, 1D1F

Acting chief of the Anum traditional area has leased 500 acres of land for government’s ‘planting for food and jobs policy as well as the one district, one factory policy.

The Adontenhene who doubles as the Acting chief of Anum in the Akwamu Traditional area in the Eastern Region, Okogyeaman Nana Kwesi Anyane has leased the 500 acres of land to support the government’s flagship policy, one district one factory as well as for use for the operation planting for food and jobs policy to create employment for his people and to enhance food security in the area as long as government interventions are concerned.

According to him, agriculture remains an important pillar in every country including Ghana for which reason it must be treated with high love respect and all the care it deserves.

He lauded government’s agric policies which he described as unique which requires the assistance of the various traditional leaders.

“Looking at the government’s intervention of the agricultural sector, they are all unique which will also require the support of the traditional leaders who are the custodians of the land to develop and sustain such interventions,” he posited.

Nana Kwesi Anyane said it is their duty as traditional leaders to assist the government to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country which requires industrialization as a key player.

He therefore believes that the ‘one district one factory’ program can absorb most of the youth into government’s employment drive.

He also expressed confidence in the policy providing several job opportunities for the youth of the Akwamuman traditional area.

According to him, his confidence arises out of his confidence in the projects prioritizing the youth of the area.

“The factory will create more jobs for my people because it will prioritize our people first,” he said.

The chief was also optimistic that the citing of such projects in the area would prevent any more issues of rural urban migration in the area.

“The citing of such projects in the area would prevent any more issues of rural urban migration in the area and the issue of people moving from this area to the cities and towns for greener pastures will no longer happen which will contribute to the work force in the interest of development of the area,” he added.

Nana Kwesi Anyane was equally hopeful that part of the land will also be used for the planting for food and jobs project to boost food production and improve food security in the area.

He disclosed that the area has aims of going into vegetable cultivation since part of the land is close to the Volta Lake which will also pave way for the creation of a large market for vegetables in the area to attract people from far and near to purchase from them.

He further urged other chiefs to support such laudable policies by providing lands which in the long run will serve the interest of their own people.

The president Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo on April 19 launched the government’s flagship agricultural program, operation planting for food and job at Goaso in the Asunafo Municipality in the Brong Ahafo Region.

Modeled on the highly successful Operation Feed Yourself program of the 1970s, the initiative is to be driven by 200,000 farmers selected nationwide and  individuals willing to cultivate vegetables, maize, sorghum  among others to enhance food security and job creation.

By Austin Ofori Addo/ritefmonline.org/austinofori.addo@gmail.com

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