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Alleged Nepotism in Recruitment Process – Teachers Charge at Lower Manya GES Director

Some aggrieved prospective professional teachers with the Ghana Education Service in the Lower Manya Krobo municipality have accused authorities of the Service of nepotism in the engagement of teachers in its recruitment process.

Information available to ritefmonline.org indicates that the Lower Manya Krobo directorate of the Ghana Education Service is set to recruit 30 newly trained teachers who have completed various training colleges in the 2016/2017 academic year.

But pained teachers are accusing authorities of sidestepping laid down process in the recruitment process in favour of picking only preferred individuals along ‘whom you know and tribal’ lines.

The allegations also point to a supposed ‘protocol’ tall list from the office of the Municipal Chief Executive for the Lower Manya Krobo Assembly and which ritefmonline.org has gathered was  made up of seventy (70) newly trained teachers, has also found its way onto the table of the Director of the GES.

This, a source indicated, was becoming ‘a big headache’ as to what to do because letters to selected teachers picked from a short list which hinges on tribal lines, were ready to be given to the favoured teacher recruits.

The GES Director herself has also not been absorbed of any reproaches as affected teachers have indicted as well, accusing her of being complicit in the ‘bias and discriminatory’ maneuvers.

The pained teachers confided to this news portal that they were unhappy that the Ghana Education Service was being dishonest in attempts to explain the selection process.

Three aggrieved teachers (names withheld) who were denied a placement in the recruitment process complained that they were denied despite having received a prior assurance letters from three respective Senior High Schools in the Lower Manya GES to teach there after acquiring their degree certificates.

Ritefmonline.org’s Omanba Kodwo Boafo however, gathered from the said teachers that they were denied placement based on the ‘crime’ that they acquired their certificates through the distance level education and did not attain the position of a Principal Superintendent which is a requirement in this regard.

Some confirmed reports also established a trend of favoring teachers with particular ethnic background with the same course and certifications who were given same letters to teach in SHS in the municipality.

The source alleged that trainees with particular ethnic backgrounds were highly favoured at the expense of other tribes, accusing the GES Director of sidelining other ethnic groups in the recruitment process, a trend many concerned stakeholders fear could pose a problem to education at the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality.

The Municipal Chief Executive and GES director have since declined comment on the said developing stories.

Source: ritefmonlineorg

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