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80th Asafotufiami Festival Kicks off Tomorrow, 1st August.

The Asafotufiami Festival is celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Ada in the Dangbe East of the Greater Accra region of Ghana. The festival is celebrated in the first week of August every year. It is celebrated in remembrance of the achievements in wars for settlements fought by the ancestors of that area.
It is the biggest events in the district. The event celebrates ancient wars and draws a big crowd of people to Ada. Historically, the Asafotufiami is a remembrance of ancient wars with neighboring tribes such as the Ewe. The “Asafotu” are companies of warriors who fire their muskets in celebration. These days, the festival is a grand homecoming for the Ada and African diaspora. As many of the Ada’s were enslaved during the transatlantic Slave trade. They perform a local dance called Kpatsa to entertain the chief and the people

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